You’re Pregnant — It’s a Girl, But You Want a Boy — Planned Parenthood is Happy to Help

Video below shows a sting operation by Live Action on Planned Parenthood in Austin, Texas. Planned Parenthood believes that all abortions should be legal throughout pregnancy no matter what the reason, even sex selection.  In the video, recorded with a hidden camera, PP advises a young woman to get an ultrasound at 20 weeks of pregnancy to determine if it’s a girl.  If so, and she still wants a boy, to come back to PP and they will “terminate” the girl.  Then she can immediately get pregnant again in hopes of having a boy.

Planned Parenthood’s response

Mollie Hemingway sums up Planned Parenthood’s response this way:

1) That video is a hoax. Or it’s edited to make it look worse. (Never mind that the entire video footage was released in unedited form, too.)

2) We fired the woman in question for not following protocol.

3) Sure, we’ll do a sex-selection abortion if paid to do so.

I’m not even including the part where they say they condemn gender-based abortions. I guess that in Planned Parenthood-speak, “condemn” means “will take money to perform.”

Commenter “Sister” on Ricochet website:

PP says that the fired employee was entry-level. Do they really let entry-level employees do patient counseling? And, without any training or coaching? This woman seems very comfortable in her position, and with the information she’s providing.

Live Action’s latest announcement

Margaret Sanger, the founder of Planned Parenthood, was a eugenicist who wanted to prevent reproduction by blacks and the mentally retarded.  Sanger thoroughly agreed with Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes who famously said in Buck v. Bell, 274 U.S. 200 (1927), that “three generations of idiots is enough.”  But neither Sanger nor Holmes ever voiced any support for “three girls is enough” or even “one girl is enough.”   Remnants of Sanger’s legacy live on in today’s Planned Parenthood where sexual selection is seen as a perfectly legitimate reason to terminate a pregnancy.

It used to be that Planned Parenthood talked about preventing unwanted pregnancies with birth control.  Then it became acceptable to terminate an existing but unwanted pregnancy with abortion, and now to terminate a wanted pregnancy that just happens to involve a girl baby when a boy is wanted.

Nature seems to balance the number of males and females in the population with a slight edge to the number of females.  When humans play God and upset that balance so that a larger number of males results it is inevitable that at some point the excess males will become anti-social.  Then that society is likely to become a nasty place to live.

That Planned Parenthood fired the employee who counseled the young woman to terminate her girl baby so she could try for a boy shows they are not comfortable having their position on abortion becoming widely known.  In the law that is called “guilty knowledge.”

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