Yale professor responds to Obama’s “Remarks to the Cuban People”

Carlos Eire is professor of history at Yale and author of the National Book Award-winning memoir Waiting for Snow in Havana: Confessions of a Cuban Boy. Powerline has posted Professor Eire’s response to Obama’s “Remarks to the Cuban People.” It’s easily the best thing you’ll ever read about Obama’s parade of half-truths, lies, platitudes, and myths to persuade the enslaved Cuban people to accept their fate in the Castro brothers’ island prison and just think happy thoughts.

Here is the thesis sentence from Professor Eire’s essay, it which he describes Obama’s “remarks” as:

A classic example of Obamaspeak, this boilerplate speech consisted of four essential elements: some truths (few in number), several myths (plentiful), many platitudes (even more plentiful), and a string of lies (all braided with the myths and platitudes).

Read the whole thing here. It’s powerful and well written.

Professor Eire also wrote the speech Obama should have given, The Speech Never Given

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