Wyoming set to eliminate a host of gun-free zones

There are bills pending in the Wyoming legislature to eliminate a host of “gun-free zones” in Wyoming.  Colorado law creates 4 gun-free zones where persons with CCW permits cannot carry. Those are Federal facilities, K-12 schools, government buildings under certain circumstances, and private property where the owner or tenant prohibits guns.  Presently, Wyoming has all of those plus seven more for a total of 11. That may soon change if some or all of the current bills pass.  Stay tuned.

Every mass shooting since 1950 except the Jared Loughner shooting of Congresswoman Gabby Giffords has occurred in a gun-free zone.  Mass shooters are cowards looking to kill people who have no means to fight back.  Jared Loughner was stopped by a CCW permit holder, although he didn’t use his gun because of people in the background that would have been in the line of fire.  He and some others tackled Loughner.

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