Who won the debate? (UPDATED)

These are internet “snap” polls so they aren’t scientific, but they’re plenty interesting

7:40 AM Mountain time Tuesday morning:

I believe this may be the most important poll I’ve seen, from Breitbart:


Drudge Poll

Trump 82%, Clinton 18% (number of respondents tripled overnight, Trump gained a point.)

Time Magazine Poll

Trump 54%, Clinton 46% (Clinton gained overnight)


Trump 67%, Clinton 33% (Trump gained overnight)

The Hill

Trump 58%, Clinton 36%, undecided 6% (I didn’t post this one last night)

John Hinderaker at Powerline Blog:

The [Daily Mail]  collected screen shots of 19 “snap” polls conducted immediately after the debate, and in 17 of them, most respondents said Trump won the debate, often by a wide margin. It isn’t just Drudge and Breitbart; Trump also got more votes than Clinton in instant polls at Time, Slate, Variety and other liberal outlets.

I can’t explain it, other than to say that perhaps it tells us more about how people view Hillary Clinton than about how Donald Trump actually performed.

The pundits, however, seem to be saying it was either a draw or that Hillary won. (Scott Johnson at Powerline: “ Trump turned in the worst debate performance by a presidential candidate since the modern era of these televised events in 1960, and Trump’s was the worst by a long shot.” Glenn Reynolds at Instapundit: “It was a draw.”) I disagree with the pundits. We’ll see who is right in the next few days.

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