America is Completely Lost — For Now

It’s been an awful week and four women have gone stupid doing their part to make it that way.

Michelle Obama said at a Hillary book signing that in the 2016 election women did not listen to their “inner voice” telling them to vote for the candidate with the uterus. Katie Pavlich, a smart woman who won’t ever go stupid, tweeted: “Does this mean that all women should have voted for Hillary against Obama in the 2008 primaries?”

Liz Phipps Soeiro, the moron of a librarian who rejected Melania Trump’s gracious gift of many books, including several by Dr. Seuss, showed how condescending liberals can be. She wrote a haughty letter to Melanie claiming the books were…you guessed it…racist! Yeah.

Lena Dunham gave a brilliant analysis of the Las Vegas mass murder: “No way not to politicize this tragedy. It’s about gender & race as well as access to guns.” Because everything is about gender and race? No way to politicize it? Come on Ms. Dunham, you’re a Democrat, you could politicize a ham sandwich. You probably have at some point.

Ms. Hayley Geftman-Gold, of Columbia Law School, sent a tweet that she was not even sympathetic to victims of the Las Vegas shooting because “country music fans often are Republican.” She’s a liberal, so she’s compassionate.

Four women this week showed us their stupid side, but the very smart Amor Grrrl at the Powerline Blog did the opposite as she explained her transition from left to right:

When a gaggle of prominent Minnesota Democrat women told me after 9/11 that “America had it coming,” it began my transition from left to right. When famous people Tweeted that they wished Steve Scalise had died and taken many other Republicans with him, when Ms. Geftman-Gold can say “go ahead and fire into a crowd of country music fans because most of them are Republican gun-toters,” then America is truly lost. Those sentiments are the direct result of Alinsky calumny, fifty years of anti-American education, and repulsive identity politics. The refusal of Hillary, Bernie and other politicians to say “All Lives Matter” is not just craven kow-towing to the thugs in BLM. They actually do not believe that they do.

America is not completely lost so long as women like the Ammo Grrrl and Katie Pavlich are around to give the proper reaction to liberal craziness.

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