Woman Power and Catch 22

In many bird species it is the male bird that builds the nest. Each male bird tries to build a better nest than all the other males. The purpose is to attract a female with which to mate. Females will fly around inspecting all the nests males have made. She will mate with the male that builds the best nest, best in her eyes, that is.

This is an example of female power. It’s an awesome power because it’s the power to determine the character and fitness of the next generation. Males may have some of this power, but in a more limited way. One advantage the male has is to mate with many females, if they’ll have him. The fertile female is limited in the number of mates she can have if each mating results in offspring. A male of a species where the male has little or no involvement with raising the young has a tremendous advantage over the female in determining the next generation simply by the sheer number of matings he can have.

Even though the male may have an advantage in sheer numbers, that isn’t the end of the story. If he mates so much he’s is likely to be mating with some, perhaps many, females whom in human terms we’d call floozies. He getting his rocks off indiscriminately. The female, on the other hand, chooses only males who have demonstrated skills and other characteristics that will enhance the next generation.

What we’re talking about here is Darwin’s theory of sexual selection. Don’t be afraid, it’s just a mode of natural selection whereby the female of a species will hold greater power over males in forming the next generation. She does this by being very careful which male she mates with. She wants her suitors to have the qualities she prefers. If many females think alike those males who rank highest in the eyes of most females will gain an advantage in passing their genes to the next generation.

Sometimes, however, the next generation may not benefit entirely. While the males may possess all the right stuff for mating purposes, their very survival may still be endangered.

An example is the male peacock. The females want the male to have a very long plume of tail feathers. If he can display them into a stunning spectacle he will be more likely to be chosen by the female. However, he may also be made  more vulnerable to predator. That long plume of tail feathers makes him an easy target of coyotes, wolves, bears and just about any other carnivore.

That’s a catch 22, I guess. Boy gets the pretty girl, then his mating dance makes him vulnerable to other dangers.

It’s not just in procreation that females wield daunting, even staggering power. Millennial women are often disgusted by Millennial men who continue to live in their parents’ basement until they’re in the thirties. They complain that Millennial men are jerks and it’s hard to find a good guy in a sea of creeps. They won’t commit, they prefer hanging out and hooking up whilst women want a real date. Millennial men seem to lack ambition.

Of course, all of that is only true on a limited and select grouping of Millennial men.

So, what gave rise to the newfound female power I keep referring to? I believe feminism has much to do with it. Giving men the impression they are not needed is what feminism has done. Men have a special need to be needed.

It’s not that women must show men how helpless they are, in fact men generally don’t want a woman who is completely helpless. They do want women who need them and who will respect them for the special qualities they have, such as being able to make minor repairs to myriad of things that go wrong in a household.

One of the saddest things to afflict Millennial men is that women rejected Home Economic studies in high school. Millennial women thought it was nonsense. They don’t want to be housewives, they want to be the CEO of a Fortune 500 Corporation.

But ending Home Economics for girls also eliminated wood shop and metal shop for boys. The result is that we have a generation of Millennial men who don’t know what a bolt is and couldn’t replace one even if they did. Women don’t respect helpless men. The irony is, Millennial women played a large role in making them that way.

Women got what they wanted, power to rival men. But a good number of them lost something they dearly need. A strong and competent man to take care of them, in all the many ways that a good man knows how to love and care for a woman and her children.

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