Wolves and the balance of nature

I don’t know how factual this is, but it seems plausible. It kind of makes sense. It’s also sort of beautiful and if it’s true, then it’s good. Good, true and beautiful. We’ve found it, at last.

Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado is suffering destruction from an over population of elk. Get some wolves down there, fast.

UPDATE: As with every story, especially the winsome ones as this one surely is, there is another side that needs to be told.

Wolf Driven Trophic Cascade is Overblown

It’s not nearly that simple, says Tom Hobbs, a CSU ecology professor whose laboratory has studied willow growth in Yellowstone National Park since well before the reintroduction of wolves. “The story is really attractive,” Hobbs said, “but the science just doesn’t support it.”

Its British narrator and creator, George Monbiot, is essentially telling lies, Hobbs said.
“It is true that wolves eat coyotes,” he said, “and just about every other statement in that video is false.

There could be some competitive jousting going on here, I suppose. Monbiot did talk about more than just willows and coyotes. I still believe Rocky Mountain National Park’s ecosystem would benefit from a healthy pack of wolves.

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