Wolf the Ditz Blitzer blames Indiana for Chicago gun violence

Wolf the Ditz“You could go to Indiana and buy a gun legally a lot easier than in Illinois. You could go to a gun show and you don’t necessarily need a background check to legally purchase a weapon that you drive back to Illinois, go back to Chicago, and kill someone.”

Darrell Issa (R-CA-49): “If the ease of acquiring guns was the problem Gary, Indiana, would be the crime capital, not Chicago.”

I’m guessing that a gang banger can buy an illegal gun on the streets of Chicago a lot cheaper than he could buy a gun at a gun show in Indiana. The street dealers steal their guns so they can sell them cheap. That have a very low cost of goods sold figure on their profit and loss statements.

Gang bangers don’t want to buy a gun in a legal transaction anyway because the serial number on the gun is very likely going to be traceable to the buyer, even if the gun were sold at a gun show without a NICS check. Legal sellers of firearms in private transactions are advised to keep a name and address record of a gun sale because if they acquired the gun legally the serial number is traceable to them. They will want to show law enforcement who they sold the gun to so law enforcement can trace it to that person, and so on.

Moreover, legal sellers know that even in a private sale without a NICS check it is a federal felony to transfer a firearm to anyone the seller knows or suspects may be a prohibited person under federal law.   A gang banger at a gun show in Indiana will stand out like a bloody elephant in a snow bank and is not likely to be able to buy a gun from anyone on the floor. This is notwithstanding the higher price he’d have to pay, plus steal a car in Chicago and buy gas so he could drive to Indiana. It just would not make sense for him or her to do all that when in 5 minutes he or she can pick one up on the streets of Chicago for cheap, at least by comparison.

Of course people like Wolf the Ditz are either ignorant of all this or they don’t care because they just want to badger lawful gun owners.

Every time I write about Chicago I repeat, if you want to understand why Chicago is the murder capital of North America, you just have to read this: Gangs and Politicians In Chicago: An Unholy Alliance


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