Witch Hunt Fail: Left Misfires Again

Continuous type I malfunctions are bedeviling the Left in their struggle to get George Zimmerman convicted on something. 

Charges dropped against George Zimmerman in alleged wine bottle incident

Despite all the hate directed at George Zimmerman for having successfully defended his life against a vicious ambush attack by Trayvon Martin, and numerous encounters with law enforcement both before and after that fateful night, he has yet to be convicted of any crime whatever.

That trend continues with the dropping of the latest charges brought against him of aggravated assault.  Prosecutors have now declined to pursue these charges after Zimmerman’s ex-girlfriend accuser recanted her testimony, reports the Associated Press (h/t @AaronWorthing).

Zimmerman had been arrested and charged last month after his girlfriend was pulled over during a traffic stop, during which stop she told police that days prior Zimmerman had thrown a bottle of wine at her.

The Left go nuts when they don’t get their way.

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