Will Rex Tillerson Drain the Swamp at Foggy Bottom?

I used to think the U.S. State Department was called “Foggy Bottom” because it’s staffed with foggy-brained people. Well, it certainly is but that’s apparently not the reason for its nickname. It’s located in a district of Washington DC that used to be a swamp that emitted foggy vapors. The area thus gained the name Foggy Bottom and is still known by that moniker.

I’ll continue to believe the nickname for the State Department is appropriate to its culture because even though the mud and vapors are gone, it’s still a swamp albeit of a different sort and it still needs to be drained.

It’s probably because for 8 years Barack Obama stocked the State Department with people of a like mind as his own, a mind filled with the oldest hatred of anti-semitism. That sort of foggy thinking leads to errors of fact and distorted perceptions of reality. For example, Adam Kredo has a story in the Washington Free Beacon, Trump State Department Unsure Why Palestinian Terrorists Kill Israelis. Really? Foggy Bottom doesn’t know why Palestinians kill Israelis? Adam Kredo’s story includes this statement from his foggy Bottom source:

“We recognize that in any community, a combination of risk factors can come together to create a higher risk of radicalization to violence,” the official said. “There is no one single pathway to violence—each individual’s path to terrorism is personalized, with certain commonalities. Therefore, it is difficult to pinpoint precisely what the sources of radicalization to violence are. What could drive someone to violence in one instance could vary significantly with someone else who is similarly situated.”

You don’t have to be an expert on foreign affairs to know that Palestinians hate and kill Israelis because they’re taught from a very young age to hate and kill Jews.

Kredo’s report continues:

The report singling out Israel is another clear example of the State Department pursuing policies that are well out of line with the White House’s stated agenda, which the sources said has been pro-Israel. One source who advises the White House Middle East policy described the State Department’s explanation to the Free Beacon as “spectacular bull—t.”

Can Rex Tillerson be counted on drain the swamp at Foggy Bottom? As CEO of Exxon Tillerson must have had high level dealings with various Arab oil-producing states. What could that have done to his mindset? I guess we’ll find out sooner or later.

In addition to Adam Kredo’s story linked above, here is a list of really good stuff [good only in the way it informs us of how fog-brained Foggy Bottom really is] for further reading if this subject interests you:

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