Wild motorcycle ride that ended abruptly

The video below records an event that occurred on October 21, 2016 in Bedford, Texas.

I love to ride fast but not like this…I don’t know how old this guy is but he hasn’t yet reached the age where you start thinking about your mortality. I reached that age a long time ago. Video must be from a helmet cam. It’s exhilarating to watch, well until the end at least.

He left this comment on Youtube: “I was driving fast and lane splitting. The truck cut me off. I ended up going to the hospital but only had lower road rash and nothing was broken.” God sometimes protects dare devils, but you can’t always count on it.

Actually, you can see in the video that the truck did not cut him off. If you were an insurance company do you think you’d sell life insurance to this guy?

Lane splitting is legal in some states but is safe only in slow traffic and when the speed differential between motorcycle and traffic is no more than about 10 miles per hour. For example, if traffic is stopped and the motorcycle proceeds between lanes at a slow speed. At highway speeds lane splitting is…well, the video shows you what it is.

Now let my put on my lawyer hat. If he had caused a crash involving cars in which someone was hurt or killed he would have been in serious trouble. Voluntary manslaughter would be the least charge he could have faced if someone had been killed. Vehicular homicide or, in Colorado, malice murder might have been considered. If no fatalities but serious injuries he still would have been looking at serious charges. In either case he could have spent several of his next few years in prison.

He doesn’t seem to have given these possibilities much thought.


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