Why You Can’t Argue With A Leftist

From John Green at American Thinker:

When someone doesn’t form opinions on the basis of facts, but rather interprets facts to fit their own biases, their worldview is distorted.  Rather than observing the world as it is, they are embracing their biases, rationalizing them, and twisting reality to fit those biases.


People who desire the same results but differ on how to get there can argue with each other. People who want different results can’t engage in productive argument. That’s why you can’t argue with a leftist.

There a little more to it, however.  You can’t argue with a leftist if you don’t know what his goal is. He may lead you think he wants something other than what he really wants.

It’s not always obvious what goal leftists really want. Too often it’s hidden from view. At least they try to hide it. It’s often something they really don’t want to say because what it is that the really want is too far outside the “Overton Window,” i.e. the window of ideas that are acceptable in public discourse. Ideas the fall outside the Overton Window are not politically viable.

For example, Princeton University Professor of Bioethics Peter Singer believes that a fetus has no right to life and so killing a fetus by abortion cannot possibly present a moral issue, even very late in a woman’s pregnancy. Newborns with serious disabilities can also be killed, according to Singer, without moral consideration. His views have been outside the Overton Window up until now. He’s never been reluctant to tell you what he believes. He doesn’t try to hide them but many of his fellow travelers have — until now.

According to Singer, a fetus or a baby has no personhood until it reaches a stage of wanting to stay alive. That could be a short or long while after birth. Since a baby cries I think it wants its life from the minute it has life.

The State of New York has made it legal to kill a baby as it is being born if the mother decides she doesn’t want it. There is a test but it’s so full of loopholes as be virtually non-existent. A few other states have similar laws. The Governor of Virginia recently got himself in trouble for advocating post-birth abortion. That’s actually infanticide (i.e. murder) in most states.

The idea that a mother, any mother, who has carried a baby in her body for nine months could kill it should be outside the Overton Window, so not politically possible. Until now, that is. Leftists have always agreed with Peter Singer but were afraid to say so publicly. Recently that has changed and leftists are now willing to talk about killing newborns as if most people agree with them.

One thing they’re still keeping secret, at least somewhat, is the real reason they want open borders. The real reason they won’t tell you is that they now have instituted ways for illegal aliens to illegally vote, for Democrats of course. Just a few years ago leftists in Congress were in favor of a border wall. Now they hate the idea but recognize that any idea of wining elections by massive vote fraud is still not something to go public with. Not yet. It’s still outside the Overton Window. For now.

These Ten Photos Show the Reality of Late Term Abortion

Late term abortion is still outside the Overton Window with the majority of Americans, but on that one leftists have decided to openly say they favor it anyway They’re not yet ready to freely admit they want open borders so they can win elections by cheating, but given their present trajectory they’ll probably get up the courage to go public with that one as well. Depending on how many people they’re able to convert to joining them in approval of fraudulent elections, it may or may not be their downfall.

With leftists this is one more reason it’s a fool’s errand to try to argue with them.

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