Why Trump won’t ever be president

Trump has done the country a service showing what’s wrong with the Republican establishment. He’s not the one to fix the problem, however. He was once one of Hillary’s largest donors, and this photo will ultimately disqualify him in the eyes of conservatives. I also don’t think he can beat Hillary because he won’t run an effective campaign against her.
I don’t believe Trump is a plant by Democrats to confuse Republicans (because he’s already done too much that’s good for Republicans), but I also believe they could not have come up with a better one (for the general election) even if they had tried. (Democrats and their pals in the media will still be trying to choose the Republican nominee, they always do and have been successful at that in that last two Presidential elections. They wanted McCain in 2008 and they wanted Romney in 2012, and they got’em both because the Republican establishment stupidly let them get away with it)

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