Why The Union Thugs In Wisconsin Are Violent — And Why The Left Wing Media Ignores It

Long shoreman philosopher Eric Hoffer explained the mind of the left in his 1951 classic The True Believer — Thoughts On The Nature Of Mass Movements.

True believers are the engine of mass movements which appeal to a special type of mind.  Hoffer says, “All movements however different in doctrine and aspiration draw their achievements from the same type of humanity; they all appeal to the same types of mind.”

That type of mind is a selfish and frustrated one that will lash out ferociously at its perceived enemy.  Anyone opposed to the movement is the enemy. True believers are incapable of debating the merits of their cause because they view all who disagree to be a vile enemy that must be defeated by any means necessary.

Hoffer says, “Mass movements can arise and spread without belief in a God, but never without belief in a devil.”

Conservatives, members of the Tea Party, Republicans, etc. are not just political opponents to the left.  They are the devil. Nothing is too bad for them.

That’s why union thugs are thugs and the liberal media ignores the violence and destruction they do.  They all share the same type of destructive mind.


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