Why the sudden surge of Central American children at the border?

The Migration Policy Institute (MPI) has released a new report on unaccompanied children arriving at the U.S. Southern border. It says the surge is due to “push and pull factors:”

Migrants travel from Central America to the United States for two main reasons: (1) to escape violence and poor economic conditions in the region, and (2) to reconnect with family members already living in the United States.

Since there have been no recent changes in the first explanation, Jack Martin argues that it’s bogus and the real reason is solely due to the second factor. The MPI report itself says, “…at least 85 percent of Central Americans arriving at the border have parents or other close family members in the United States.”

Obama’s immigration amnesty has been put on hold by a Federal Court injunction. No matter, its mere existence is a magnet doing Obama’s work in the background, according to Mr. Martin:

There are two things that have changed. First, the policy of the Obama Administration in not deporting most illegal aliens who do not have serious criminal convictions and its advocacy of permanent residence through amnesty has changed the perception by the illegal alien population that they are here on borrowed time. Leaving children behind makes sense only if you expect to return to them in the future. The original mindset that they would try to make enough money to have a stake when they returned to their homeland voluntarily or involuntarily changed when the prospect appeared that they would be able to stay permanently and become eligible for the benefits of public assistance for low wage earners.

Second, the Obama administration’s executive action in establishing the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) signaled that illegal alien youth would gain protected status even before any amnesty was adopted. This, coupled with the mantra of “family reunification” of the amnesty advocates underscored the message that the time had come to shift thinking from rejoining their children back in Central America to instead taking steps to have it happen here.

While it is convenient for apologists for the illegal alien youth, like MPI, to attempt to generate sympathy for them by focusing on conditions in their homelands, because this exonerates the Obama administration from responsibility for generating the migration crisis, it clearly is misleading.

Obama came into office saying he wanted to fundamentally change America. Rush Limbaugh said, “I hope he fails.”  He has succeeded and is still succeeding beyond anyone’s worst nightmares.  Republicans who have refused to be the opposition party in Washington share the blame.

On the upside, perhaps we can expect to get our lawns mowed on the cheap.  But that has never been an admirable goal.

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