Why the phony charge of racism will never go away

Racism in America certainly used to exist. White people had it shamed out of them a long time ago. Those who bravely fought against it, such as Martin Luther King, have left the field victorious. Unfortunately, that victory is not setting well with the current politics of racial strife.  Admitting they won and moving on to bigger and better heights of achievement is simply not attractive to those who thrive on false accusations of racism. It’s just too convenient to explain away their failings that have led to every other untoward event in their miserable lives.  For some, it’s just too lucrative to give up.

Booker T. Washington presciently predicted this circumstance 104 years ago.

Now a smart woman who writes under the name Ammo Grrrll at Powerline Blog has an insightful explanation for why professional victims can never be satisfied. She’s writing about the psychotic wing of the ninny feminist movement, but her analysis applies equally to race baiters and their accomplished victim followers:

Since virtually every legal equality has already been won, [by the feminist movement] and the saner feminists have retired from the field victorious, the lunatic fringe has more influence in a smaller pond.

It is ever thus in every “social justice” movement. The more obvious it becomes that virtually all impediments to success have been removed, the more furious the professional “victims” become that nothing much has changed in their lives. And the more resentful of others whose life decisions and discipline have catapulted them to success.

Individual success is anathema to a victim class. It does not inspire; it refutes the linchpin of their victimhood: that the deck is permanently stacked against them all. Those who profit from their professional victim status cling to it like a Titanic survivor to a piece of driftwood. Michelle Obama springs to mind: an obscenely-rich professional vacationer and Food Scold who claims to be dissed at Target and unwelcome at museums in the racist country that elected her unqualified, incompetent husband. Twice.


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