Why “Green” Energy is a very dumb idea

Paul Driessen at Watts Up With That explains why Green energy is a very dumb idea (my words not his). In fact, the misguided blowhards calling for a ban on fossil fuels (interesting that everything the left wants begins with banning something) would not save the planet. They claim the burning of fossil fuels is causing man-made climate change. That will lead to the destruction of planet earth, they say.

Nevermind that humans are incapable of control earth’s climate, Driessen makes the case that the elimination of fossil fuels is what will actually bring great harm to planet earth. Wacko environmentalists and “New Green Deal” enthusiasts offer a simple plan — just stop mining of fossil fuels. Leave it all in the ground. Voila, America will get it all the energy it needs from massive wind farms and solar panels.

This is the fulfillment of a dream, renewable energy. No waste, no pollution, no blackouts, just safe, clean and reliable energy. Who can object to that?

Everybody should object to that because it won’t happen and the Climatistas won’t or can’t tell you that. It hasn’t occurred to them. They haven’t given it any thought. Ask them just how this is going to happen and if you will get any answer at all it will make no sense. As Driessen so eloquently points out, they have no Plan B to go to when their silly scheme blows up in their faces.

It will surely blow up because that are ignoring one very big thing. Wind farms and solar panels on the scale that will be needed to satisfy America’s energy needs will require tons upon tons of exotic materials to construct the sort of infrastructure required to replace the energy gone by illuminating fossil fuels. Where will all this stuff come from? Well, same as fossil fuels, from in the ground.

The construction of solar panels uses some toxic chemicals. Up to now that has been manageable. What will happen when the manufacture of solar panels goes ballistic?

Driessen thoroughly covers this revolting development and its extremely unpleasant consequences; Here’s a slice, go to the source for all the rest:

Using wind power to replace the 3.9 billion megawatt-hours that Americans consumed in 2018, coal and gas-fired backup power plants, natural gas for home heating, coal and gas for factories, and gasoline for vehicles – while generating enough extra electricity every windy day to charge batteries for just seven straight windless days – would require some 14 million1.8-MW wind turbines.

Using solar to generate just the 3.9 billion MWh would require completely blanketing an area the size of New Jersey with sunbeam-tracking Nellis Air Force Base panels – if the Sun were shining at high-noon summertime Arizona intensity 24/7/365. (That doesn’t include the extra power demands listed for wind.)

All those wind mills and solar panels require mining the necessary material from the ground. Like all finished products the wind mills and solar panel have a limited life span. That means America will soon have one helluva trash disposal problem.That’s how it always is with new wacko ideas from the Left. They never stop to ask, “If we do this, then what will happen?” Forethought, thinking ahead, thinking something through is just not their thing.

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