Why Did Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker Exempt The Police?

Not because they supported his election because they didn’t. Of 414 police and fire unions in Wisconsin only 4 endorsed Scott Walker, contrary to Democrat spin. The rest supported the Democrat candidate who lost. So why did he exempt the cops from his proposal to disallow collective bargaining for pension and health benefits of public employees? (collective bargaining on wages will not be affected).

Here’s a clue:

This video is a sampling of Tweets from the angry left, you know, those folks calling for more civilized discourse in politics:

By the way, all Tweets are public. There is no expectation of privacy. Leftists are not only vicious, they’re stupid.

Maybe the governor knew he was dealing with a bunch of thugs and might need the support of the police.

Also, the end of collective bargaining for pension and health benefits is a life and death issue for public employee unions because it is on the benefits side where they rake in the big bucks (all of it from taxpayers), much of it under highly questionable circumstances: Unions “Need” To Negotiate Benefits to Survive; Salaries Not So Much

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