Why did Obama refuse help to our Embassy under attack in Benghazi?

General Petraeus has said that it was not the CIA that gave the order to stand down and refused to send in help to save lives as our embassy in Benghazi came under attack, which leaves it square in the Obama administration.  Either Obama personally gave the order or he authorized someone else to give the order to stand down and left the people at the embassy on their own. [Nobody believes the outrageous nonsense DOD Secretary Leon Panetta trotted out for a test run last week. If you do, please read this]

So, why would Obama do such thing?  I think it’s because he had Jimmy Carter’s failed helicopter rescue of the Iranian hostages on his mind.  When those Delta Force helicopters crashed and burned in the Iranian desert on April 24, 1980 the humiliating public debacle that followed is believed by many, including Carter himself, to have played a major role in securing his defeat in the 1980 election.

If Obama had approved a rescue attempt there was a risk it might have failed and become a similar humiliation for him, risking his re-election.  He wasn’t willing to take the risk.  He made the decision to place his re-election chances above the risk, yeah the likelihood, of death or injury to the Ambassador and others at the Benghazi embassy compound.

The brutal irony is that had he been willing to risk his election, accepting that such a risk was actually present, he would have come out a winner.  The four former Navy Seals at the CIA station who decided to go in defiance of the order to stand down rescued 30 people from the embassy and killed 60 Al Qaeda jihadists before two of them were killed.  If they’d had some backup they probably would have killed all the jihadists and avoiding taking any losses themselves. Obama would now be out crowing his victory as he did after Osama bin Laden was killed, instead of dodging and twisting to avoid questions.  Unfortunately, it appears that Ambassador Chris Stevens and U.S. Diplomat Sean Smith were killed in the initial attack and could not have been saved by anyone.  If their prior requests for more security at the embassy had been honored they’d probably be alive today.

Now Obama’s doing all he can, with help from the monkeys in the mainstream media, to cover up his refusal to authorize a counter attack.  It won’t work, not even with all the Media’s men and all their women doing all they can to put Humpty Dumpty back together. The America people know their president is a jack of diamonds, and they have seen his other face.

It’s often said that Watergate showed the cover up is worse than the deed.  But nobody died in Watergate.

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