Whole Foods Chairman John Mackey in the Crosshairs

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Whole Foods CEO and Chairman John Mackey has been under attack for a long time by a liberal shareholder group that doesn’t like his style. His style has created an upscale food emporium that provides sensuously great eats in multiple forms from pre-packaged to prepared goodies and delights, as well as new age employment for thousands with a health care package most of us can only dream of.

But Mackey has failed to drink the Obama Kool Aid on government-run healthcare, and so the liberals are mightily upset with him and are intent on bringing him down. It appears they have achieved a partial victory. Mackey has announced he will step down as chairman but remain as CEO. It won’t work Sir, these goofs won’t give up until they have your hide nailed to a fence. You have offended their sensibilities, you see. They don’t want the fabulous offerings you give your employees. They want the government option! That is what tickles their fancy, and you just don’t get it.

If anyone still has any doubts about how stupid you have to be to be a big-government statist liberal, well there isn’t much hope for you then.

I don’t get paid anything for praising people and things I like on this site, nor for severely criticizing people and things I detest. Doggone it.

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