Who you gonna blame?

If you’re a low-information voter you’ll dutifully take your instructions from the television pundits and you’ll blame Republicans for the government shut down.  If you’re informed and intelligent you’ll blame Obama because he, and only he, has the power to shut down the government.  Every agency of the government is part of the executive branch, not the legislative branch.  If the National Parks are shut down it is because the Secretary of the Interior shut them down.  The Secretary of Interior is appointed by the President, and answers to the President.

There was a “continuing resolution” passed by Republicans in the House (Democrats don’t allow the government to have a budget anymore) which authorized plenty of spending to keep the government functioning at full throttle.  An informed an intelligent person knows this and therefore does not blame Republicans for the shutdown.  That funding package lacked authorized spending only for one thing Obama wants: Obamacare.  Informed and intelligent voters don’t blame Republicans for shutting down the government.  They praise Republicans for finally having enough gumption to stand up to Obama and his dictatorial takeover of the health care industry and being hell-bent on destroying it.

Here is what you should try to understand if you are a low-information voter: Obama shut down the government for one reason only.  He wants to keep shoving Obamacare down the throats of the American people and he is willing to shut down the entire government if he doesn’t get his way.  Like a petulant child he is going to scream and kick the wall if he doesn’t get his candy.

Republicans control only the House of Representations.  The entire rest of the government is controlled by Democrats.  They can keep the government open if they want to. They can end the shutdown in the next second if they want to.  They don’t want to. They want the shutdown. They want the shutdown because they have a sycophant media that will reliably lie to the low-information voters. The low-information votes will reliably believe the lies.  The low-information voters are the main constituency of Democrats. Democrats depend on voters being ignorant and stupid for their sustenance and power.

I don’t fall into either group.  I don’t know whether to blame Obama or congratulate him for finally doing something for me.  I hope the government stays shut down for the remainder of my wonderful life.  That would make the rest of my life even better, since I don’t need the government for much of anything. My social security checks will keep coming.  Federal law enforcement will go on like nothing happened.  The National Parks will re-open shortly,  Many will stay open because the roads that go thrown them are vital connections to communities that have no other way in or out.  The military will remain operational.  Most of the rest of the government only makes trouble for everyone anyway, so I say shut it down.  For good.

Asking who to blame is not even the right question. The larger question is, how can this even be happening when,

Less than one in five Americans believe Obamacare is going to help their families

and, All Obama has to do is say yes and government is fully funded immediately


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