Who Stole Colorado?

In June of 2004 the Rocky Mountain News (now a dead and forgotten newspaper) printed the photos of Jared Polis, Pat Stryker, Tim Gill and Rutt Bridges on its front page. These four came to be named the “Gang of Four” or the “Four Horsemen” of the Apocalypse I guess. They announced their goal of flipping Colorado from its rugged, hardworking, independent, self-reliant, conservative state into a social engineering laboratory of Leftism.  Each of these four marauders are multi-millionaires intent on using their wealth to transform Colorado.

At the time I thought their crazy ideas to negatively impinge the freedom and self-reliance of Coloradans would surely fail. For a while I was hopeful. What I missed was that money can take the place of brains. Their ideas to transform Colorado into something resembling California seemed impossible. Coloradans understood what lied ahead and would not stand for it. Not too many years earlier a common bumper sticker found on many Coloradans’ cars read, “Don’t Californiacate Colorado.”

So what happened? The gang of four won, is what happened. Colorado is now a solid blue state. One of the gang, Jerod Polis is now the governor of Colorado. The other three must be very pleased with what they have been able to buy with their money. Money without brains is a deadly combination.

One example of the gang’s weird thinking was Pat Stryker’s millions spent to have Spanish children taught in their native language instead of English. She believed this was the right thing to do. It isn’t. The children she thought she was helping were hurt badly by her vacuous nostrums. Children learn English easily. Adult Spanish speakers not so much. They can learn English but not as easily as children. To be an adult in America and not have English is a severe setback. One that could have been avoided if Stryker had used a bit of common sense. She wouldn’t be the first to have inherited millions destroy one’s ability to think logically.

The Gang of Four’s far leftist blueprint has hurt Colorado in many ways. Here is Ghenghis Gary at the American Thinker:

You want proof of Colorado’s hard left turn? How about this:

  • Restrictive gun laws are already in place with more legislation on the way.
  • Colorado, the fifth largest oil-producing state just five years ago, has fallen off the energy-producing map as the
  • Democratic legislature has gutted and is purging the entire petroleum industry.
  • Although livestock production accounts for 75% of Colorado’s agriculture products and the state ranks 11th nationwide in cattle numbers, the Democrat-controlled legislature is inventing legislation that will destroy Colorado ranching.
  • A referendum requiring introducing wolves into western Colorado agricultural counties was passed by a slim margin due to metropolitan voters. Rural communities overwhelmingly voted against it. History suggests that Colorado will replicate Wyoming and Idaho’s experience of wholesale wolf predation of livestock, deer, moose, and elk populations.

Gary believes Colorado can still be saved from its present tyranny. How many other states have been able to resist the depredations of the hard Left? None that I know of. I used to be a Colorado resident. I’ve climbed most of the fourteeners in Colorado, when I was much younger and Colorado was a more welcoming state.

Two years ago I became a Wyoming resident. I’m so glad I did.

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