Who is Mary Jo Kilroy?

Member of Congress elected in 2008 with a narrow 1% margin in Ohio’s 15th Congressional District. She’s an Israel-bashing liberal who voted to condemn Israel for the crimes of Hamas terrorists, and she’s vulnerable in November. This campaign ad by the Emergency Committee for Israel tells that part of her story [much more below]:

In this next video she is asked how she thinks Obamacare will be paid for. Her answer: getting rid of Medicare Advantage, the most popular health plan with millions of retired seniors:

A French documentary by Noel Burch on his “sentimental journey” back to the United States to visit his old radical left friends, of which Mary Jo Kilroy is one:

Mary Jo Kilroy’s ties to the radical left and the Maoist Students for a Democratic Society [Tom Hayden’s group which wrote The Port Huron Statement in 1962 which was to be the manifesto of the radical left] are deep and unmistakeable. Erick Erickson says, in Mary Jo Kilroy’s Radical Web of Socialist Agitators:

Mary Jo Kilroy has tried like the devil to distance herself, but she is tangled in a web of radical socialists. Why distance herself? Probably because she knows being connected to the Maoists SDS activists and socialist worker bees in Ohio is a dangerous thing for her politically.

But it is her reality.

And we have her on film embracing that reality. [referring to The Sentimental Journey documentary film]

Mary Jo Kilroy is the quintessential example of the bratty, immature generation of the sixties and seventies that has evolved into the present day political class. She and many others like her now occupy elected office and other positions of power. They all work hard to distance themselves from their old leftist ties to the Free Press [ one of the few alternatives newspapers from the sixties and seventies still in existence, it is a paper giving voice to individuals who believe in Maoist thought, radical revolutionaries who have supported the violent over throw of the United States], the Weather Underground, Democratic Socialists of America and SDS.

It looks very likely that at least this radical leftist will be thrown out of her Congressional seat in November. Her opponent is Steve Stivers, and his website where one can contribute to his campaign is here. Stivers came within 1 percentage point of winning in Ohio’s 15th Congressional District in the Obama year of 2008. I hope he makes it this time. He will if Ohioans really do want change they can believe in.

There are a lot more Congressional Districts across America with stories similar to this one. I hope that when the dawn breaks on the morning of Wednesday, November 3, 2010, we can say the words of Ronald Reagan, “It’s morning in America.”

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