Who did more to save black lives, Giuliani or Obama?

Hands down, Rudy Giuliani has probably saved more black lives than any other politician, bureaucrat or public figure alive and on the scene in the last 50 years.  Almost every liberal Democrat mayor in America has condemned thousands of blacks to gruesome living conditions and even death with their demagogic rhetoric and fat welfare policies that discourage work and foster family breakdown.

Giuliani inherited a city riddled with crime under the David Dinkins administration and turned New York into the most livable big city in America using James Q. Wilson’s broken windows policing strategy.  Giuliani’s approach saved blacks lives by cutting the murder rate to a quarter of what it had been. That alone saved black lives because the overwhelming majority of big city murders are committed by blacks against black victims.

The whole campaign that “Black Lives Matter” is ridiculous because black politicians clearly don’t think black lives matter when they are murdered by black killers.  Black lives matter to them only when they are killed by police even though most of the blacks killed by police are the very ones who are preying on the black population in their neighborhoods. As is always the case when liberal politicians are ruling with liberal strategies, everything they say is a lie and everything they do makes the lives of their black constituents worse off. The black demagogues get aid and comfort from white guys like New York Mayor Bill De Blasio’s gang rationale.

Obama is in full support of the demagogic racial rhetoric that is creating misery for inner city blacks in Baltimore and elsewhere. He has much to answer for but, of course, he will never have to answer for anything.

No one explains all this better than Thomas Sowell, who is an American intellectual treasure. He was born in North Carolina and grew up in Harlem.  His latest column is “Paying the Price:”

Racial demagoguery gains votes for politicians, money for race hustling lawyers and a combination of money, power and notoriety for armies of professional activists, ideologues and shakedown artists.
So let’s not be so quick to say that people are incompetent when they say things that make no sense to us. Attacking the police makes sense in terms of politicians’ personal interests, and often in terms of the media’s personal interests or ideological leanings, even if what they say bears little or no resemblance to the facts.
Of course, all these benefits have costs. There is no free lunch. But the costs are paid by others, including men, women and children who are paying with their lives in ghettos around the country, as politicians think of ever more ways they can restrict or scapegoat the police.
The Obama administration’s Department of Justice has been leading the charge, when it comes to presuming the police to be guilty — not only until proven innocent, but even after grand juries have gone over all the facts and acquitted the police.
Not only Attorney General Holder, but President Obama himself, has repeatedly come out with public statements against the police in racial cases, long before the full facts were known. Nor have they confined their intervention to inflammatory words.
The Department of Justice has threatened various local police departments with lawsuits unless they adopt the federal government’s ideas about how police work should be done.
The high cost of lawsuits virtually guarantees that the local police department is going to have to settle the case by bowing to the Justice Department’s demands — not on the merits, but because the federal government has a lot more money than a local police department, and can litigate the case until the local police department runs out of the money needed to do their work.
By and large, what the federal government imposes on local police departments may be summarized as kinder, gentler policing. This is not a new idea, nor an idea that has not been tested in practice.
It was tested in New York under Mayor David Dinkins more than 20 years ago. The opposite approach was also tested when Dinkins was succeeded as mayor by Rudolph Giuliani, who imposed tough policing policies — which brought the murder rate down to a fraction of what it had been under Dinkins.
Unfortunately, when some people experience years of safety, they assume that means that there are no dangers. That is why New York’s current mayor is moving back in the direction of Mayor Dinkins. It is also the politically expedient thing to do.
And innocent men, women and children — most of them black — will pay with their lives in New York, as they have in Baltimore and elsewhere.

Black lives matter? No, black lives do not matter at all to these demagogues. All that matters to them is their political power, and they have a loyal constituency that is easily duped.

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