Whitey Bulger Caught By The FBI In LA

Story here. Whitey Bulger has been on the FBI’s ten most wanted list since 1999. For 25 years he was the boss of the Winter Hill Gang in Boston, while his brother Billy Bulger was the most powerful politician in Massachusetts [president of the Senate].

Protected by his powerful brother and fed intelligence on law enforcement operations by his childhood school chum who grew up to be an FBI agent, Whitey was able to lead the Irish mafia in Boston and carry on his criminal enterprise with near impunity. The FBI agent was finally exposed, fired from the FBI, arrested, charged, convicted and sent to prison for 10 years.

The Bulger brothers had the midas touch in everything they did, most of it illegal and in Whitey’s case, brutally violent. He is accused of at least 19 murders of enemies and criminal confederates that either crossed him or needed to be gotten rid of to stop them from talking. The unsavory tale is well told in the book at right.

Brother Whitey ran from the FBI for 12 years and will most likely spend what remains of his life (he is now 81) in a Federal prison. Brother Billy was forced out of politics but was rewarded with a $200,000 annual state pension and a sweetheart post as President of the University of Massachusetts from 1996 until 2003 when he resigned under pressure from then-Governor Mitt Romney.

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