When did puberty get this crazy?

When did puberty get this crazy? The answer is obvious. When adults got this crazy and stopped trying to help kids deal with the universal phenomenon of puberty temporarily making kids into nut cases.

Most of us look back at our teen years and remember something we did or thought that now looks crazy to us. “Why did I do that?”, or “How could I have believed that nonsense?”

If we’re lucky our onset of temporary insanity at around 13 or 14 didn’t make us do anything that adversely affected our later ability to lead a happy and productive life in a healthy mental state. For some whose pubescent craziness prompted them to do something exceedingly stupid, the consequences may have been disastrous and permanent.

They may have unwittingly condemned themselves to permanent physical impairment or life-long unhappiness and social stigma for their aberrant behavior. Some got drunk and died behind the wheel of their parents car, or some jalopy they managed to acquire on their own. Only a few of those ever ended that way. In my high school class of about 125 kids (1960-1963) only one(1) did. It was never a trend.

Most fathers with daughters have experienced the onset of female puberty when it feels like some dreamland intruder has broken in at night to scoop out their 14-year-old daughter’s brain, then returned after a couple of years to replace it.

For those of us old enough, should I say lucky enough, to have been born before the baby-boom generation, we went through puberty at a time when our parents and other adults kept their sanity and therefore did not encourage ours. Since we came of age before the derangement of the 1960s, we faced opposition from our parents and other adults who saw no reason to stand for adolescent foolishness.

Today some parents and a whole lot of other adults seem to have never grown out of their own erratic youthful craziness. That makes them poor role models for teenagers.

Thoughtful adults realize something important when it comes to teenagers. Every new generation of young males is essentially akin to an invasion of barbarians. Every new generation of females will become borderline psychotic (in varying degrees) for a short time in their teenage years. Both sexes (I don’t say “gender” because it refers to pronouns, not people) become extremely vulnerable to peer pressure. No one, in their teens especially, wants to appear weird to his or her friends. This does not lead to a well balanced mental state. It leads to group thinking, which leads to group weirdness.

In my generation the weirdness of teenagers could be dismissed as just kids being kids. For the most part, anyway. That is no longer the case. Now it’s very serious unless you consider kids being kids to involve the most nut-headed behavior one could ever imagine.

The latest is called “Gender Dysphoria” and that refers to something much more serious than using the wrong pronoun. Kids aren’t just being kids when it comes to deep depression over which sex they happened to have been born. Until not long ago no matter how out of kilter they became boys were glad to be boys and would not ever want to be girls. Girls were so thankful they weren’t anything like all those stupid boys (in the girl’s minds). Nobody wished they had been born differently than they were. All accepted that you are born one or the other and that’s final. Reality is not optional. The idea that one could change their sex never crossed their minds and if anyone suggested otherwise he or she would have been seen as mentally disturbed.

A big change has happened and a big lie is believed by many. A few million people in America have become completely cracked. Perfectly healthy 13-year old girls want to be boys. “Yuk!” is what a 13-year old girl of the 1950s would have said.

Today they are finding doctors ready and willing to perform double mastectomies on them. Apparently, their parents are OK with that.

There’s going to be a lot of lot wailing and gnashing of teeth over this in a decade or so from now.

When I see someone whose body is covered with tattoos I wonder if they know they have condemned themselves to something that will remain for the rest of their lives. Reality is not optional. I wonder what it’ll be like 30 years from now when there are a lot of heavily-tattooed old ladies walking around. I won’t be here then, I won’t have to see it. Heh.

The idea of doctors doing double mastectomies on healthy 13 or 14 year-olds might be hard to believe. It should be impossible to believe. So don’t just take my word for it.  Check it out here with two well written and documented articles by Joy Pullmann and Jane Robbins, two smart women who are refuseniks to insanity.

Explosive Ivy-League Study Repressed For Finding Transgendered Kids May Be a Social Contagion

U.S. Doctors Are Performing Double Mastectomies On Healthy 13-Year-Old Girls

In a sane world these doctors would be stripped of their medical licenses, put on trial for mayhem, and condemned to prison for years. The 13-year-girls would be lovingly told by their parents to please get over it. They would. When they are in their twenties and thirties, enjoying all the love and happiness of a good man to share their life with, they would be so thankful for their parents loving guidance through that terrible time in their pubescent years.


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