When did freedom become a hard sell?

Each new generation is something like an invasion of barbarians. Each new generation has to be socialized. It has to learn to tolerate not just the different skin color of other people, but other people’s ideas, preferences and points of view. For some reason the current generation of college age men and women didn’t get socialized properly, and so they are hell bent on imposing their totalitarian proclivities on everyone else. Disagree with them and they’ll try to stuff a gag in your mouth and send you to sensitivity training to get your mind straight. Debate? Not allowed, just shut up. Have a discussion? You’re trying to hurt my feelings, you are a brute, I’m calling the speech police. The generation claiming to be so tolerant is the most malignantly intolerant. Liberalism is always and everywhere the exact opposite of everything it claims to be.

We’re being threatened my a new form of Lord of the Flies, a sissy-ninny kind. It’s just as dangerous. This generation of speech killers are too much like the bloodthirsty savage boys in William Golding’s novel. Dark forces lurk in their coddled minds. Parents and college administrators could be the naval officer that finally tames the feral adolescents, but they aren’t up to it. Instead, they’re egging the kids on.

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