What Republicans must do to win the midterms

What Republicans must do to win the midterms is fire their campaign managers, at least the ones like Carl Rove and Steve Schmidt. These are the timid ones who advise their GOP candidates to lay low and not get into any brawls with Democrats. Voters don’t like loud mouths, they say. This is what inside the Washington beltway advisors preach to their candidates.

Any fool can see this advice is stupid. If voters hate political candidates who criticize their opponents then why would they ever vote for a Democrat? The opposite is true, voters probably prefer combat to surrender. Voters prefer politicians who stand for something and are willing to fight for it. Democrats don’t stand for anything good and true but they fight like hell for the nonsense they want to inflict on society and somehow that has been a proven strategy for getting votes.

Swamp Republicans and their advisors should learn what became obvious in 2016. Trump won because he worked very hard at campaigning. An equally important and perhaps even bigger factor in his win is the Great Revolt described by Selena Zito, of 63 million Americans who are fed up with both parties.

This is a movement and Donald Trump is not the leader of it; he is the beneficiary of it. In the 2018 midterms the GOP had better reconcile themselves with this reality. What Republicans must do to win the midterms is to appreciate the great opportunity it presents for them. This will require them to set aside their concerns about Trump’s “character.” His voters are not fools. They know what is character is and they don’t care. The want the economic growth, the jobs, and opportunity for them that Trump brings.

They want illegal immigration to be halted, they want the war on cops to end, they all the silliness in Washington to be replaced by politicians who respect them and their country. They’re angry that they can’t watch a football game on Sunday anymore without a bunch of multi-millionaires directing them and the American flag. Football fans made these multi-millionaires and they resent the players politicizing what is supposed to be a day without politics. A football game is supposed to be an escape from all the partisan bickering, not a forum for it.

What Republicans must do to win the midterms is fire their advisors read this excellent essay by Richard Viguerie, It’s Up to Conservatives to Nationalize the 2018 Midterms.

Here are some excerpts, but reading the whole thing is strongly suggested:

As I see it, 2018 will likely be another Republican wipeout, like 2006, unless we conservatives nationalize the election by getting voters refocused on big conservative issues; building the wall, limiting immigration, religious liberty, rebuilding our national defense, reducing job-killing regulations, and getting tough on crime and illegal border crossing.

To those who say Trump pulled out a victory in the recent Ohio Special Election, I say as vigorous and enthusiastic campaigner as Donald Trump is, he can only show up the weekend before the election to save a few congressional candidates whose campaigns are lagging. If we conservatives want to win we can’t wait around for the GOP establishment, we must nationalize the election and refocus voters on the conservative – populist agenda that elected Donald Trump.

And current events keep handing the GOP opportunities to do that, if they will only seize them.

In Pennsylvania a previously-deported illegal alien, who had been arrested for domestic battery, was released by Philadelphia’s sanctuary city Mayor James Kenny’s policy of ignoring ICE detainer requests. The illegal alien, Juan Ramon Vasquez, also known as Ramon Aguirre-Ochoa, raped a four-year-old girl while he was at large thanks to Mayor Kenny’s sanctuary city policy.

Philadelphia’s sanctuary city policy has been strongly defended by Democratic Senator Robert Casey, now facing a spirited challenge from Republican Rep. Lou Barletta.

Barletta has dipped his toe into the sanctuary city issue, but he has the opportunity to nationalize the election by making Juan Ramon Vasquez into this year’s Willie Horton and pounding Casey on his support for sanctuary cities and illegal immigration.

The problem is, the Republican establishment and its insider clique of Washington-based political consultants prefers to run content-free campaigns, rather than make the election a clear choice between the Democrats’ radical positions and conservative alternatives because in all too many cases they don’t really share our conservative values.

In 2010, Tea Party candidates, without any real direction from the national GOP, drew a sharp contrast with Big Government Republicans and with the Democrats on taxes, spending, the growth of government, and especially on Obamacare, to power the GOP to pick up six Senate seats and win historic sixty-three seats in the US House of Representatives, recapturing the majority, and making it the largest seat change since 1948 and the largest for any midterm election since the 1938 midterm elections.

The 2018 midterm election is, or should be, a once in a lifetime opportunity to differentiate the parties and to brand the Democratic Party as the party of sanctuary cities, illegal aliens, violent radical socialists, job-killing regulation and Obama’s apologize for America foreign policy failures.

But that differentiation and branding won’t take place if the GOP hews to the current strategy of Speaker Paul Ryan and Senate Majority leader Mitch McConnell of running content-free “prevent defense” campaigns that “move to the center” by touting show votes and minor issues that alienate conservatives and have nothing to do with the top concerns of the electorate.

We are the leaders we have been waiting for. If not now, when? If not us, who?

Conservatives must recognize that establishment Republicans are never going to figure this out. Over many years they have demonstrated that they will not change – they are too invested in the insider consultant-driven culture that brought the party, content-free as it has become, to this point.

Starting today, starting right now, each conservative must commit themselves to demanding answers from the Democrats – and establishment Republicans – on where they stand on these issues; building the wall, national security, especially as it relates to radical Islam and the threats from China, NAFTA, illegal immigration, law-and-order, unfair trade deals, and especially sanctuary cities.

Donald Trump has shown the way, if only the GOP establishment will concentrate on winning instead of constantly squabbling with Trump over things that don’t really matter. If establishment Republicans “take a knee” this November they will be wiped out. If Democrats take control all the good that Donald Trump had done and is doing for the American middle class will be stopped in its tracks.

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