What is meant by the term “Woke”

Do you know exactly what “woke” means? It is said  to mean being alert to injustice. But there’s a problem with that.

The problem is that being alert to injustice is not an objective state of mind. Sometimes the injustice may be obvious to everyone. However, people don’t always agree on what is just and what is unjust.

Reason and common sense are required to make an accurate decision. Reason, or reasonableness, is likely to differ among many people. So, what is the answer?

If we cannot agree or find some common ground to settle upon, here is what do we can do. If you’re a Democrat you riot in the street. You rape, pillage, burn, and loot. Maybe a little murder too. Well, not all Democrats do those things but even those who don’t seem to cheer on those who do.

If you’re a reasonable person you do what reasonable people do. You file a lawsuit and submit your grievance to 6 or 12 impartial, neutral and unbiased citizens.

Of course, law suits can only be filed by a person who has standing, i’e., one who is actually hurt by the injustice of which he complains.

If you lack standing, I guess you can just be woke, or you can give a speech in which you outline the problem and try to persuade others to join with you to condemn the injustice and peacefully seek to eliminate it. A guide to follow might be the Lincoln/Douglas debates on slavery. Or the House/Divided speech of 1858; the Cooper Union speech of 1860, or the Second Inaugral Address of 1865.

All of those are invaluable statements for how to think clearly about justice and injustice. I’m not sure one uncertain word such as “woke” quite covers it all.

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