What Did We Do To Make Obama Hate Us And Want To Destroy Us?

That’s the question Frank J. Fleming asks, answers, and tells us what to do to make Obama like us so he will stop trying to destroy us.

“The Barack Obama presidency has been disastrous. The economy is in shambles, and Obama’s only response has been to try and waste as much of our money as he can. Jobs are a scarce commodity, and yet Obama is trying to raise taxes. And his Department of Justice is apparently selling guns to Mexican drug cartels. All of this raises the obvious question: What did we do to make Obama hate us and want to destroy us?

“Obama was elected on the promise of hope and change; he was going to make everything better by fixing the economy, ending all wars, and making every rainbow a double rainbow. As smart and capable as we all knew he was, he should have succeeded beyond our wildest imaginations. But instead, we’re even worse off than before — I don’t remember the last time I even saw a single rainbow. The only explanation is that somehow we’ve angered Obama and caused him to turn against us.”

We have to get back on Obama’s good side.  But how?  He doesn’t seem to be so mad at Black folks, or at least he has told them what to do to get back on his good side.  They just have to “Shake it off. Stop complainin’. Stop grumblin’. Stop cryin” and take off their bedroom slippers.  He hasn’t exactly told the rest of us what we should do, at least not in such a direct manner.  So we have to figure it our for ourselves.

Frank J. Fleming has some suggestions:

We have to stop pestering Obama with so many impertinent questions, like:

“Where is all this stimulus money getting spent?”

“What exactly does this health care law do?”

“Are you sure half a billion dollars for this solar panel company is a good idea?”

Beyond that we have to quit voting for so many Republicans, doubting global warming, and pointing out that his numbers in the budget don’t add up.  Obama hates math and hey, doesn’t everyone?  Fleming also points out that Obama and Michelle don’t like fat kids so we should make sure neither he nor Michelle ever have to see any of them.  Lock them up with twinkies.  That’s just a smattering of what we need to do to make Obama like us again, you really have to read Frank J. Fleming’s entire essay to be sure you understand.

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