What Did She Say?

I am not a birther and I have no illusions that Obama would be frog-marched out of the White House even if it were proved beyond a doubt that he was born in Kenya. [Although that might be something for voters to consider in 2012] But I have always wondered why he doesn’t just produce a birth certificate. Wouldn’t that dispel the whole thing and make the birthers look like idiots? Wouldn’t any other president have done that forthwith? Wouldn’t that make his moon bat base giddy and gleeful?

Then there is this, that has been around since April 5th it appears and has been viewed almost a million times, but I’d not seen it until today:

I don’t believe this will change a single thing, I just found it interesting. It’s clear by now that not enough people care about this issue for anything to ever come of it even if The One gave a press conference and said he was born in Kenya, he’s damn proud of it, and anyone who doesn’t like it can go pound sand. Or pound the levers in the voting booth in 2012.

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