Weekend body count in heavily gun-controlled Chicago

Four dead, dozens shot in Chicago over the weekend. But things might be looking up, at least compared to last weekend when nine were killed and 52 were shot.

With the strictist gun control laws in the America, how does this happen? To get to the answer you’d first have to admit that gun control is a false promise. Gun control laws only restrict peaceful people who are the problem, and to believe that will somehow reduce gun violence botrders on insanity. The truth is that making it more difficult for the good people to protect themselves does not reduce gun violence and is likely to create more gun violence.

Some people will console themselves with the belief that it is mostly gangsters and criminals who are the victimes of gun violence in place like Chicago or also heavily gun controlled Connecticut. Really? 13 people at a house party were shot Sunday morning in Bridgeport. What are the authorities doing? You guessed it, they’re claiming they don’t have enough gun control laws. In other words, they don’t know what to do about gun violence and they’re not serious about wanting to do anything about it anyway.

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