Weak Men, Strong Women

Crime fiction writer Andrew Klaven goes off on how conservatives should give the business to Herman Cain on the sexual misconduct allegations being hurled at him from the left-wing media. In Why We Should Be Unfair to Herman Cain he writes:

And yes, it’s unfair. But there’s a reason it’s unfair—a reason it should be unfair. There’s a reason we right wingers vet our candidates while the left adulates theirs, a reason we condemn our miscreants while the left elevates theirs, a reason our news outlets cover stories that the left covers up.

The reason is: we’re the good guys. We have to do what’s right. The left doesn’t. Sorry, but that’s the way it works. It’s the price you pay for defending what’s true and good, the price of holding yourself to a high moral standard. Our politicians have to be better than their politicians. Our journalists have to be more honest. Even our protesters have to behave with decorum and decency—and still suffer being slandered—while theirs can act like animals and commit acts of violence and lawlessness and spew anti-semitic filth and still find themselves excused and glorified.

Herman Cain is going to have to run the gauntlet, not just of a racist and dishonest left that wants to destroy him but of a fair-minded and decency-loving right that wants him to come fully clean and let the voters decide how we should proceed. The fight for truth, liberty and morality requires sacrifice and self-examination. The self-righteous quest for power over others does not.

The world is just as unfair as you think it is. You’ll never catch the devil hanging on a cross.

Dr. Helen Smith, a psychologist, is disappointed. Another man on the right has gone wobbly. It’s getting tiresome, and she’s direct in her retort:

Bullshit. What Klavan is advocating is political suicide. He might as well have taken his playbook from Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals where Alinsky’s fourth rule is “Make the enemy live up to their own book of rules. You can kill them with this…”

Mr. Klavan, telling the right that they have to live up to some impossible standard while excusing the left is laughable. All it will get you is defeated.

The point is, we must not let the left use our morality to hold us hostage. You may never catch the devil hanging on the cross, but your double standard will leave the right hanging in defeat. Life isn’t a nostalgic TV show or fiction book. The good guy doesn’t always win just because you want him to. And though you can feel noble about being the honorable one, honor is no substitute for the loss of freedom, increased government regulation, and economic woes that our country will suffer if the left wins on election day.

Just another example of a woman who understands the nature of politics better than a lot of men on the right. It’s reminiscent of Margaret Thatcher having to tell George H.W. Bush, “Now George, this is no time to go wobbly,” when he hesitated on the first gulf war.  It’s like the freshman class of Congress elected in the 2010 elections where the women of the class have a well defined sense of what they were sent there to do while some of the men act as though they can’t remember.  It’s House Speaker John Boehner losing the budget battle with Obama and getting no cut at all in Obama’s present runaway spending, and then bragging about a future cut that, even if it happened, amounts to little more than the amount the current deficit rises in a 24-hour period.  Boehner apparently has no woman in his inner circle to ridicule him for being such a namby-pamby pushover.

Politics has famously and accurately been described as war by other means. Helen Smith understands that sanctimonious preaching will not win against an enemy who will stop at nothing to defeat you. The left is vicious, as the Politico’s allegations against Herman Cain prove in that they accused him of sexually harassing women who remain to be identified and without even saying what he is supposed to have done. Self-righteous conservatives must either face reality and fight back against these tactics, or they will lose and never get the chance to see any of their good intentions forged into the sort of political reality they dream of achieving.

The latest allegations against Cain are from a woman who claims he made an unwelcome advance 14 years ago which she didn’t complain about at the time.  She saw him at a Tea Party function in Chicago a month ago, hugged him and whispered affectionately in his ear. Now she is on the attack.  She is represented by the deceitful political hack lawyer Gloria Allred.  That should destroy whatever scintilla of credibility she might otherwise have.

I have more faith in Herman Cain than Andrew Klaven.  Herman Cain is not a wuss.  He’s fighting back, as he should.  With all his might.  The time to be nice to the left is after you’ve defeated them. After you’ve rendered them incapable of destroying you. And us.

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