We Do Not Control Climate — Climate Controls Us

There was time on this earth when the title for this post would have been considered trivial pettifoggery. Now, in some circles, it will be considered “disinformation.”

Several people, some of them scientists, now claim “climate change” should be changed, to “climate emergency.” This is even more nonsensical than the old title. “Climate change” was portrayed as signifying that climate was changing due to human activity and must be stopped. So now we have an “emergency.”  Every poll shows that the overwhelming majority of  the population aren’t much concerned about it. This annoys the radicals whom we are supposed to worship and believe every vacuous nostrum on climate they preach to us in an effort to control us.

The reason we aren’t paying much attention to all of this is that we simply don’t believe they know what they are talking about. When they say we must follow the science we are unmoved because it seems obvious to most of us that the science they’re preaching is junk science, not real science.

They want us to believe the preposterous notion that human beings can control the climate on this earth, and have been doing so for quite a while. The trouble is that ancient geology shows that the earth’s climate has done a lot of changing on its own, long before any humans existed. When the the earth hosted only minute forms of life, about 600 million years ago, she was covered with ice, something geologists today call “Snowball Earth.”

About 50 million years ago the earth was very warm with a heavy load of green vegetation due to an atmosphere containing carbon dioxide about 3 times as much as it contains today. That was a welcome environment for dinosaurs. At least until earth was struct by meteorites so large and numerous as to make such a change in climate the dinosaurs could no longer thrive, so they became extinct.

In modern human time the earth has undergone at least two great climate changes which are not and cannot be attributed to anything human beings did or even thought of doing. First was the Medieval Warming Period that ended the Dark Ages which existed from about 800 A.D. to about 1200 A.D. By or before 1500 A.D. the earth had moved into what is now called the Little Ice Age that lasted until somewhere around the end of the 18th Century.

These were radical changes in the climate of earth. Humans did not, could not have been the cause. These two changes impacted human life on earth in profound ways during each of its times. The medieval warming period helped give rise to the Renaissance, a period of vast enlightenment in art and science. Then came the little ice age which had a large effect on human life  during its years. One of which was the French Revolution which was partly caused by sky rocketing prices for bread, the main food staple in France. The cold temperatures of the little ice age resulted in low crop yields and enormously high prices for bread. Too many people could no longer afford to buy bread. This lended reason for revolt and acted as a torch for all sorts of other grievances.

Earth’s climate is largely controlled by the Sun, which is constantly changing the ways in which it works to regulate earth’s climate. We can’t do anything about this, but we can study it and make sensible but imperfect prognosis of what we can expect by way of likely future climate change.

I recommend a book and a stunning new essay on this. The book is The Neglected Sun (2015) by two German scientists, Fritz Vahrenholt and Sebastian Luning. The essay is Dark, Cold Years Are Coming, So You’d Better Get Ready, by Anony See.

The essay is free, but unfortunately the paperback book is selling on Amazon for $809. You can buy the Kindle version for $10.99. There are also some used ones available for about $40. Or you can wait until the price of a new paperback falls dramatically, which it will but who knows when that will be. I’m glad I bought mine when it was dirt cheap.

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