It wasn’t difficult to have predicted the failure of Obamacare

Anyone who was paying attention could have predicted back in March of 2010 that Obamacare would be a failure, even if they couldn’t say just what it would be that would cause it to fail. It would have been easy for the simple reason that none of the usual things that health insurance gurus hope for, more people covered by insurance and more affordable health care, for example, can ever be achieved by placing a new massive government bureaucracy between the patient and their doctor. Just looking at the cost of health care alone would have told anyone of average intelligence that you can never make anything cheaper by having the government either pay for it directly or with regulatory mandates.

sure enough, Obamacare is circling the drain as we speak: Obamacare Doc reveals “Drop Dead” date for back door fixes

Apparently, Obamacare is in a lot bigger trouble than anyone has let on — or anyone has imagined.

I think a lot of people imagined how much trouble Obamacare was going to cause.  It’s just that none of them were Democrat politicians. The unraveling of Obamacare’s economic assumptions was the easiest to predict because, as leftist programs do, it was assumed that people would not act rationally in their own interest. It assumed that the young and healthy could be persuaded or coerced into paying sky-high insurance premiums when they were already refusing to buy relatively inexpensive health insurance.

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