More Warning Signals About Nikolas Cruz — Ignored

There is more evidence today that many, many warnings about Nikolas Cruz were ignored. Alarm bells were sounding but not being heard. The horrific shooting by Cruz at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida might have been avoided if heed had been given, if action had been taken.

The school had twenty-five separate disciplinary actions against Cruz before the shooting, including a suspension for fighting. Yesterday I about the Broward County Solution that explains how and why Cruz was able to slowly descend into wicked evil.  Who knows how many others like him are being created and will follow the same path if the liberal nonsense that exists in this school is not ended.

Toxic Liberalism Created Nikolas Cruz

In this CBS News video a fellow student says the minute she heard about the shooting and before learning identity of the shooter, she knew it was Cruz. She and others had tried to sound the alarm several times but nothing was eve done.

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