A warning to Americans from a Canadian gun owner

Canadian gun owner, name withheld:

First, a few data points: Handguns in Canada have had to be registered with the federal government since, oh, 1934. That is to say, every legally-owned handgun in Canada has a registry paper with it, with the owner’s name and address, and the firearm description and serial number. Owning a handgun in Canada requires a two-day storage and safety course, $340 in various fees, a crime-free police history, the written permission of your wife, and a wait of two or three months.

The licence has to be renewed every five years, and if you have a licence, you have to report to the police if you intend to change your address. Once you have a handgun, it has to be disabled/locked at home, and may only be loaded for use at an “approved” range. Stop rolling your eyes. I am not yet at the good part.

Continue reading this story here, this is scary stuff

There are lots of people in America who believe all guns should be registered. They are mistaken to think that registration has any legitimate law enforcement purpose, and that’s for several reasons. Registration does not help solve crimes because law-abiding citizens don’t commit crimes with guns, and criminals don’t register their guns. Even if they did they wouldn’t leave them at a crime scene.

In fact, criminals cannot be made to register their guns. The Supreme Court said so several years ago. It would violate their 5th Amendment right against self incrimination since it’s illegal for them possess a gun in the first place. Registration would only lead to the same harassment of law-abiding U.S. citizens that Canadian citizens are having to endure now.

Gun restrictions as those in Canada only ever accomplish one thing. That is to empower criminals and weaken the ability of their victims to defend themselves. Gun control law do not reduce crime, they increase crime by making citizens more vulnerable to criminal attack. You’d think anyone with a lick of sense wouldn’t have to be told this.

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