Do you want someone to “nudge” you in another direction?

You might if say, you were standing on a railroad track and a train was bearing down on you. But if you have a personal financial decision to make you might welcome a “nudge” a little less. A nudge done correctly is no more than an a gentle urge to look at something you might not have seen, such as the oncoming train or just something interesting like a beautiful sunset. But the sort of Nudge they are talking about in the video below isn’t really a nudge at all. It’s more like a forceful shove and might even be in a direction you would not go if you had a choice. Here, and in the writing of Cass Sunstein, this is nothing more than Paternal Libertarianism, which holds that it is possible to forcefuly direct someone’s behavior while at the same time respecting their freedom of choice. I’d like to agree with that but I just can’t get my head far enough up my ass to do it. It’s what Hayek called nothing more than “a pretense of knowledge.”

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