Violent rioters are destroying cities — how will it end?

Most people may not know or care about this but lately many sport shooters seem to have taken an interest in long range rifle shooting. The book shown at left is selling well.

It is a discipline that must be practiced and studied in order to achieve any level of success. Big game hunters have long been interested and have worked at developing this skill.

Now many shooters who do not hunt are finding great enjoyment at developing the necessary skill to hit a steel target (gong!) at 1500 yards, nearly a mile.

Given that most of the radical left now destroying America’s cities do not possess much in the way of shooting skills, you’d think they would know better than to start a shooting war with ordinarily peaceful Americans.

Those Americans do not want to see the violence escalate to a real civil war. They want the violence to stop, now. But it won’t.

The ignoramuses perpetrating this violence lack the ability to see what future they may be bringing to us and themselves as well. It won’t be pretty for us, and it could be deadly for them.

We know we cannot depend on our governors and mayors to let the police do their jobs and bring all this nonsense to an end.

What is happening now is about 100 times worse than the firing on Fort Sumpter. If this burning, looting and murdering doesn’t stop soon, ordinary Americans are not going to stand by and see their country destroyed by these criminals.

Nobody wants it to come to that, but as of now only the rioters can stop it. If they have a brain cell in their heads they can figure this out on their own.

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