Violent crime and right-to-carry laws — Stanford law professor gets it wrong

In Florida and Texas there are two identifiable groups of people who are convicted of weapons violations. In one group the rate of weapons violations is about one in 42,000; in the other group the conviction rate for weapons violations is 1 in 6,000.

So what do you think identifies each of these groups? The first group, the 1 in 42,000, are persons who have been issued a permit to carry a concealed firearm. The second group, the 1 in 6,000, are police officers.

As you can see, both groups are very law abiding. Citizens who legally carry firearms are the more law abiding of the two.

So why is a Stanford Law professor saying in a much ballyhooed article, ballyhooed by the fake new media that is, why is he saying in his article that concealed carry laws are responsible for an increase in violent crime. It obvious that it isn’t legal-carry citizens that are committing crimes.

No, the reason for this law professor’s mendacious posturing is clear. This Stanford Law Professor is not operating from any factual evidence. Let that soak in, a man committed to the rule of law making claims for which there in no evidence to support it. Oh, I guess I forgot. He’s a lawyer, apparently the sort of lawyer interested only in winning a legal argument even if fidelity to logic, evidence and the truth must be sacrificed to enable his victory.

This sordid tale is told very well and with facts to prove his argument by the inestimable John Lott: Standford Law Prof get is wrong on guns — right-to-carry reduces crime, not the other way around.

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