Video History Lesson On Media Manipulation of Facts in Violent Shootings

Ed Driscoll gives a devastating indictment of old media for misreporting and outright lying about violent public shootings and bombings from the Kennedy Assassination to the Arizona Shooting by Jared Lee Loughner. The old media hasn’t realized that with the rise of the internet their mendacious reporting doesn’t work so well anymore. This video essay shines the light of truth in some dark places.

The old media has a narrative that it seeks to advance. It manipulates the facts of these stories to fit the narrative that it wants to present. They got used to never being challenged for what they say and write, which explains how The New York Times could present two opposing allegations of fact on the same page within 24 hours after President Kennedy had been shot — one accurately reported that Lee Harvey Oswald was a communist, and the other that the assassination was a product of a violent culture in America.

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