Venezuela: When socialism fails, move on to slavery

Human nature predicts that when one is prevented from enjoying the fruits of one’s own labor, when a government mandates that one work to support people unwilling to work for themselves, i.e., when a government adopts socialism, the fields will tend to remain unplowed. You would think that the “Tragedy of the Commons” was a lesson learned centuries ago but human beings still fall for the false promise of socialism.

Venezuela is the lastest and presently the most horrific example of how socialism destroys everything in its path. At present Venezuelans cannot get such a simple thing as toilet paper. Food is also scarce and only available sporadically. When it arrives it’s in limited quantities for which everyone stands in lines for hours to make a meager purchase at a very high price because their money is nearly worthless.

So Venezuela’s Dictator “president” Maduro has a solution to this problem. Maduro signed a decree that would give Venezuela’s Ministry of Popular Power for Social Process of Work the ability to order any Venezuelan with the physical or technical capabilities to join a government effort to work in the agriculture sector for up to 120 days.

Amnesty International calls it “forced labor.” Well, that’s the only way to make socialism work, by forcing people to work for a subsistence level wage and confiscating the rest of the value of their labor. For those who might resist this new dictate Maduro has a plan to help them change their minds.

It a post a while back I said the final stage of socialism is when nobody has food, medicine or toiletries. I forgot there is one more stage to go: slavery.

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