Utah Mormon Church Roles Out the welcome wagon for deranged mass shooters

They have created more chances for mass shootings in gun free zones. They may as well have said to the crazies, “Come on in, we’ve got a target rich safe space for ya.”

All but one mass shooting in America occurred in so-called “gun free zones.” The deranged aren’t crazy, they search out places where they will not encounter resistance. The Aurora, Colorado shooter checked several theaters before he found one with prominent signs saying no guns allowed. That resulted in 12 dead and 50 injured.

The one that was not in a designated gun free zone was the Gabby Giffords shooting in Tucson. That was outside in the open. Giffords was shot but further destruction was ended when a CCW holder stopped the shooter. He did so by tackling him, never drew his lawfully carried pistol.

What is needed to stop mass shootings is to eliminate gun free zones as much as possible. Beyond that there should be a new statute enacted in every state to holds commercial property owners liable for injuries to anyone in a gun free zone. What would happen is not lots of huge judgments against property owners, but a substantial reduction in mass shooters because commercial property owners would take steps to make their property less desirable to the shooters. They would do that by making it clear that lawful CCW permit holders would be welcome with their guns.

That would make the CCW holders the first responders. Good, because the police are minutes away when seconds count. Since the advent of “shall-issue” CCW permits in the 1980s many thousands of U.S. citizens are lawfully armed. Many of them have training equal to that given to police officers, some have training that goes beyond that commonly give to police officers.

Training is widely available to any CCW holder who wants it. The Utah mormon church would have done better by simply insisting that all parishioners wishing to carry their gun in church have Utah CCW permits and then they could specify whatever training they think helpful.  There is no shortage of competent firearm trainers in Utah.

The Utah permit is given after a comprehensive background check and Utah requires a 4-hour course on Utah gun laws and the use of deadly force. Further training of a tactical nature is recommended and the Mormon Church could require it as a condition of its consent to allow an individual to carry his concealed firearm into the church or meeting hall. I have no doubt the parishioners would respond favorably. A crowded church pew need not make one a sitting duck for a madman with the only gun in the building.

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