Time to Uproot the Bushes?

Steven Hayward says it’s time to Uproot the Bushes:

…isn’t it time we got rid of the Bush family in politics for good? Look, George H.W. Bush is a very decent man, but his political malpractice in the White House—squandering the Reagan legacy on purpose—opened the door for Bill Clinton. George W. Bush is another decent man, with much to recommend him, but he left the Republican Party even more demoralized than his dad, and for similar reasons. Now Jeb may be responsible for killing off the most electable conservative candidate in the field and leaving us with Trump.

No more Bushes, please. Let’s clear all of our fields of every Bush we can find, and drench the dirt with Roundup (before the EPA bans it) so they never come back.

Steven Hayward is referring to Marco Rubio as the most electable conservative candidate, and I have to take issue with that. But yes, it’s time to uproot the Bushes for good. It’s overdue. Hit the road, Jeb.

If you didn’t know, Jeb is going after Rubio because the GOP establishment is flirting with the idea of supporting Rubio if Jeb doesn’t make it. The GOP establishment isn’t all that fond of Rubio, they’d go with Elmer Fudd if they thought he could beat Trump, who they don’t like and don’t want, or Cruz, who they hate viscerally. Hatred and fear go together, almost interchangeably.

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