Understanding the Russians and the indictment

I was confused at first over what the indictment says the Russians were up to. Working against Trump’s rivals? I always thought a Trump presidency was the last thing the Russians wanted. What’s going on?
I think I know, now. They weren’t concerned with the prospect of Trump winning. They assumed he had no chance. Like everyone else, they thought Hillary Clinton was the shoe-in candidate. While she was their preferred winner, with her “reset” button mentality, they wanted to create chaos and demoralization to lessen the magnitude of her victory. This is not new. It’s business as usual. We do it to them as well.
The Russians looked forward to the near certainty of a Hillary presidency. They had no concern that their actions might Help Trump because they believed the conventional wisdom, that Trump was doomed. They forgot that the conventional wisdom in America is usually wrong.
That’s why they also meddled in the Democrat primary for Bernie Sanders. Chaos, hysteria and demoralization in America is always a Russian strategy and desire. Americans are usually glad to oblige on all of those.
I still don’t understand why Mueller sought the indictment. Does anyone think Putin is going to extradite the individuals charged in the indictment? No, there is never going to be a trial and surely Mueller knows that. Using our domestic criminal law to conduct foreign affairs is wrongheaded and childish. Unless Mueller is nuts there’s something else going on here and your guess as to what is as good as mine. It’s made even more curious because of Rod Rosenstein’s announcement that no Americans were involved in anything the Russians were doing. Of course, Russians are perfectly capable of sewing havoc without help from dimwit Americans.
Whatever else is going on, we’ll probably know  soon. Some political intrigue is going to reveal itself.
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