Understanding New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg

The way to understand Bloomberg and his ilk is to understand that his rants are not about gun control as much as they are about control. Bloomberg is not so stupid that he actually thinks gun control laws will stop mass shootings or lower crime. He knows such laws won’t do any of that, but given his true aims, it doesn’t matter. He wants the control and gun laws are simply a means to an end that gives him more control over more people. Even though he can’t control criminals he can control almost everyone else with these laws. That’s why he is also enacting laws about sugary drinks, smoking and transfats. It’s not that he cares about anyone’s health or safety, even if these stupid laws had anything to do with anyone’s health and well being. He’s just a tyrant who craves control over others.

Bloomberg is a man short in stature and that can sometimes explain a lot about a man’s personality. Not all short men are like this, of course, but Bloomberg has a serious case of small man syndrome, also known as Napoleon complex. Apparently, his affliction is so great that having a billion dollar fortune won’t compensate for it. Here’s a definition of that term that I think describes Bloomberg to a tee:

“A man, small in stature, who attempts to overcome the way he believes other people perceive him (as a diminutive character) by 1) attaching himself to authority figures, 2) trying to manipulate himself into positions of control, 3) migrating toward positions of leadership, and 4) having a fairly volatile temper.”

A fifth characteristic of this syndrome is that such men are often lacking in judgment and end up defeating themselves.

That definition also pretty well described Adolf Hitler, Joseph Stalin, Hugo Chavez and Napoleon Bonaparte. On a certain level, Senator John McCain can be added to this list.

In addition to gaining more control with gun control laws [if he could get them], gun crime and mass shootings also provide an avenue for Bloomberg to get national attention to himself, something he also craves. It’s crass and it’s lacking in any true sympathy for the victims of the Century 21 mass shooting. Those who truly care about those victims wish there had been another person with a gun in that theater who could have stopped James Holmes before he killed 12 people and injured 59 others.

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