Ukranian Immigrant Kills Seven Motorcyclists in New Hampshire

Seven Motorcyclists Killed in New Hampshire

The Jarhead Motorcyclist Club of New England is group of former marines that love motorcycles. The differ sharply from the outlaw motorcycle gangs in that they don’t raise hell, they don’t ride from bar to bar until they’re too drunk to ride, they don’t treat their women like goats. In other words they are upstanding law-abiding family people who love motorcycles.

Volodoymyr Zhukovsky

This week seven of them ranging in age from 42 to 62 were killed when 23-year old Volodoymyr Zhukovskyy, a Ukranian national, drove his pickup truck into a group of ten motorcycles on a highway in New Hampshire. The driver of the pickup has a lengthy adverse driving record in at least 6 states. He’s been arrested on drug charges and drunk or drug impaired driving several times. He presently has a Commercial Drivers’ License (CDL) and was driving a commercial vehicle when he swerved into the opposite lane and into the motorcycle group, killing 7 and injuring 3.

How could he have such a driving record and still have a CDL? He’s not an American, he’s Ukranian.  No American with his driving record could ever have a CDL. One drunk driving arrest will cost an American a one-year suspension of a CDL. A second drunk driving arrest is lifetime bar for having a CDL. This seems to be another incident where an immigrant has more rights than U.S. Citizens.

Maybe this time will be different. Zhukovskyy has been charged with 7 counts of vehicular homicide.

Seven Motorcyclists Killed in New Hampshire




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