Two important stories of how Obama screwed America

There are two important stories of how Obama screwed America to help Iran and the Taliban to finance terrorist operations. The video immediately below offers an entrée into these stories that every American who loves this country should read.

The secret backstory of how Obama let Hezbollah off the hook (2017)

The secret story of how America lost the drug war with the Taliban (2018)

These were both written by Josh Meyer and published by Politico. I’m amazed that Politico reported these stories. It is not a conservative site, it is at least a left of center site if not a far left site. Both stories are long but they are extremely well written and precise. It’s astounding what Obama got away with. How did he do it?  Black privilege. The liberals thought he was God and the Republicans were loathe to criticize him or investigate his administration because they were scared of being called racist. Thus, Obama had free rein and exploited it to the max.

In both cases Obama stopped Department of Justice operations that were investigating drug running operations to finance terrorism. Obama’s motive in both cases was to placate Iran for his failed and now much denuded Iran Nuclear Deal. If the Iran Deal had actually been meant to stop Iran from getting nuclear weapons, and it if were plausible that it might work, perhaps a case could have been made for Obama’s actions. It still would have been a weak case. It still would have resulted it flooding America with illegal and highly dangerous drugs.

The trade off of letting Hezbollah and the Taliban kill Americans with deadly drugs in exchange for a vague promise of a nuclear free Iran has to be the dumbest deal ever made. Stopping that drug trade was never going to be possible without facing up to the reality that neither Hezbollah nor the Taliban will ever cease terrorism until they are stopped by a superior force.

The video at the top is well worth a listen.



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