Turn your “assault” rifle into a harmless “kitty rifle”

Just change it’s appearance and nothing else.  After all, it’s only that liberals think it looks scary that makes it an “assault” rifle.  “Assault rifle” or “assault weapon” is not a term that actually describes anything identifiable, it’s only an emotion-laden political cliche designed by liberals to avoid having to confront facts, reason and logic about the most popular rifle in America.  Psst…It’s not legal to use it for deer hunting in most states…because it’s a .223 caliber, not considered lethal enough to kill the deer quickly and humanely.  Sort of makes the term “assault rifle” downright ridiculous.

An ordinary kitchen knife becomes an “assault weapon” in the hands of a crazed person with murder on their mind, but it’s just a kitchen knife in the hands of anyone else.  “Assault” describes behavior, not things.  An AR-15 rifle is just a rifle, one that millions of Americans own legally and use for peaceful purposes.  There is nothing to be gained by making those millions of peaceable citizens into criminals.  It will certainly have no effect whatever on mass shootings.
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