Tucson liberal? Maybe not.

I usually think of Tucson as the liberal cancer on an otherwise healthy state. Something just happened that suggests I might be wrong. The people of Tucson overwhelming defeated a ballot initiave seeking to declare Tucson a sanctuary city.

Tucson voters overwhelmingly opted against the “sanctuary city” initiative, which would have limited the circumstances in which police officers could ask about immigration status.

Partial results for Proposition 205, also known as The Tucson Families Free and Together Initiative, showed 58,820 voters, or 71.4%, voted “no” on the proposal compared to just 23,562, or 29%, who voted “yes.”

Liberals love sanctuary cities because it makes feel good about themselves. Party of the little guy, savior  of the downtrodden, that sort of thing. Conservatives know that’s just bull. Sanctuary cities are not good for the less fortunate. Sanctuary cities attract vicious illegal alien criminals who prey on the innocent. Just ask Kate Steinle. Oh, you can’t. She was murdered by an illegal alien criminal in the Sanctuary city of San Francisco.  Then the liberals of SF let the killer off. Liberalism used to be form of enlightenment. It’s become something else, a form of stupidity and lack of compassion for those who most need it.

That’s nothing for liberals to be proud of.

Maybe a few of them in Tucson figured this out. Hope so. About time.

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